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Jerome R. Siegel is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, a Civil Circuit Court Mediator and a Qualified Foreclosure Mediator and is the president of FORECLOSURE MEDIATORS. COM, specializing in pre-suit and suit foreclosures. He has been a mediator for over 16 years and has extensive experience in resolving disputes between parties whether they are involved in a Court action or wish to resolve any conflicts prior to going to court. He is a former president of the prestigious ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH FLORIDA MEDIATORS AND ARBITRATORS .

Mr. Siegel is currently in the practice of mediating probate, family and marital, foreclosure and civil issues. He has found that these mediations can be similar to family disputes since they very often involve close family members, assets, and very strong emotions. In many ways a divorce can be like the death of a marriage, likewise in probate and guardianships, the parties are also dealing with death, illness or the emotions that go along with these sad events.

Mediation is a way for the parties to resolve their disputes without having to be subjected to the stress, large expense and time that a lawsuit can involve. It gives the parties involved the only chance to take their legal issues into their own hands and attempt to resolve them. Mediation is a highly confidential proceeding and whatever is said in the Mediation cannot be admitted in the litigation the parties are involved in. It is a very effective way to resolve the issues that can tear a family or friends apart.

Mediations are an economical way to try to resolve the problems that may arise in these type of cases. It allows all of the parties involved to have their say and to have the best possible means to solve matters. The cost of mediation is shared by all the parties and usually is a nominal amount when compared with the costs and expenses of a lawsuit.
As a Mediator, Jerome R. Siegel can promise you that he will be totally fair and neutral in your case. His only interest is in trying to resolve the issues that are being raised in the Mediation. You will be treated fairly and courteously at all times.

Mr. Siegel is available for both pre-suit and Court ordered mediations. He is also available to represent you in mortgage defense issues, whether in court or not.

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