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Living Will

Living wills-the only choice-you’ve seen the headlines and read the reports about what can happen if you don’t have a living will. In the Schiavo case, Terry cannot tell us what she wanted, as a result her wishes will never be known. Others are left to battle over what is best for her. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones.

The only way to avoid the terrible issues that arise in the event of a condition that leaves you in a chronic vegetative state is to have a living will and a health care surrogate. This is not something that you can do in the future or when you become ill, it must be done while you have the mental capacity to make a life decision.

A living will specifies what medical conditions, if you are in a chronic vegetative state, you wish to be treated for, and whether you want to be artificially kept alive by feeding or hydration. Without it, the doctor or hospital or others, just like terry’s case, can take your right to decide away. If this happens, no one may be able to make the decision for you and you may be kept alive even though you have little or no quality of life.

In a living will you are the one who makes the decision and that decision can be enforced. There are cases where the hospital or doctor do not agree and may attempt to go against your wishes, with a living will, your representatives can go to court to make sure your wishes are acted on. if you do not wish to be artificially kept alive, you must do a living will. Likewise, if you do wish to be kept alive, the living will may be able to express that as well.

Along with the living will, a health care surrogate form, appointing a trusted person by you, is also necessary. It allows that trusted person to make medical decisions for you if you are not able to because of either your temporary or permanent medical condition. That surrogate that you appointed could make sure that you are treated in the manner you wanted and can enforce your treatment wishes with the health care surrogate form. This document becomes even more important in enforcing your rights in your living will, since the surrogate appointed by you becomes your advocate for your treatment.

To have a living will and health care surrogate prepared specifically for you please call Law Firm In Florida at: 954-229-2226 and Jerome R. Siegel will be more than happy to consult with you, listen to your wishes and prepare the documents that fit your particular needs.

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